Friday, November 12, 2010

Some New Things I Can Do, by Anjali

I am acquiring new skills all the time. There are some that my mama and papa probably aren't even quite aware of. Those are some of my sensory and perceptive skills. But I'm letting them know, slowly but surely.

There are also a bunch of motor skills I'm getting down:
  • my pincer grip is coming along. I have been eating solid food on my own for a while now. My papa is even surprised when I can eat soup with my hands. Of course, it's chunky soup. Mama and papa just put some on my tray and I gobble it up.
  • I crawl really fast.
  • I can stand on my own (no hands) for 5-10 seconds.
  • I climb steps like there's no tomorrow.
  • I learned how to climb down from steps and other places about 5 days ago. The other day I climbed down a whole flight of steps. Papa had to help me at the beginning. But I did the 2nd half all by myself.
  • Mama and papa have been giving me water and green juice from a cup for a while now. Up until now, I would try to grab the cup from the top and spill it (and enjoy splashing around the puddles I made!!!). But yesterday papa noticed how I was grabbing my cup when he was giving me water. Today I held the cup and drank by myself for a few seconds!

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