Sunday, October 24, 2010

MemMem and Dada

Anjali has recently started to talk. At first, we just attributed the sounds as syllabic strings all babies say. But now, it is quite clear what she means. She calls Mama "MemMem" and she calls Papa "Dada". The sounds don't always stop at two syllables so I could be "Memmemmemmem" but it is clearly me and most often "Memmem". She can also say "hi". We are listening for other sounds but haven't been able to identify any others yet. We haven't noticed her sign anything yet, but she clearly knows the sign for milk.


TPS-SheilaP said...

how awesome! i know that outsiders can't tell the difference, but i agree that there is a point where mamamamamamm becomes mama. so sweet.

Radha Gopinath das said...

Haha So sweet! I have found that listening for words without the consonant sounds, I feel like I can hear Uma imitating word sounds quite often! I can't wait for them to have their first little conversation! Oh my god, that is going to be so freaking cute!!