Saturday, October 9, 2010

EC Progress

Anjali is 8 months old. Yesterday, she was playing with her blocks and then stopped and crawled over the potty. I went over to her, picked her up, took off her pants and diaper, went to the big potty (the toilet) and put her on her baby bjorn toilet seat. Then I sat there and started to read a book. I read the book again and then she pooped. She pooped!!!!! Valsalva manuever and all. I ended up reading the book 3 times and then we were done. This is really huge for us. Today, too, she crawled over the potty, Jeremy sat her on it and she peed. Yay!!


r. seligman said...

Way to go, Anjali!

TPS-SheilaP said...

Woohoo! Such a cool moment, isn't it? These moments make all the poop on the floor worth ; )