Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anjali Demolishes A Pear

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. I was about to cut the pear into strips, and even peel it. Mama simply took a bite out of it to get it started. Then Anjali went to town on the thing. I took a small bite just to have a taste. Otherwise, it was all Anjali.

Who says you need teeth to eat a piece of fruit?


Nancy said...

Wow! We tried pears a while back, in a similar fashion, too. At the time, Luke was not too into it. I think it was the texture, not the taste, because he likes them pureed. Must try again; clearly Anjali enjoyed her pear!

TPS-SheilaP said...

these photos are gorgeous. you can really see her more mature in the face, showing who she is becoming. amazing.

food is fun. and fascinating. and fantastic.

uma's favorite for a while now has been strawberries or raspberries. seriously, can a person eat too many strawberries or raspberries???

JeremyDyen said...

Nancy...Definitely try again. But they all seem to have their own tastes. It seems Uma can't get enough raspberries, whereas Anjali is just not into them. Too tart I guess.
But texture is key. We give Anjali raw egg yolk from fresh, farmer's market eggs. We'll dip a veggie or bread in it and she eats it. But when we hard-boiled eggs and gave her the yolk, she had some trouble. It was too dry, it seems.

Grandma N said...

Anjali definitely has good taste. She knows what she likes, and she goes after it. Yay Anjali!