Friday, September 17, 2010

Hanging with Uma Pai , by Anjali

We got to see Uma and Radha 2 times this week. Fun, fun! I love watching Uma move all over the place; it's inspiring. I am really into standing up, especially by holding onto our bench on the first floor. Uma came and joined me too. We also had some good conversation, and Uma gave me a sweet kiss. I was getting a bit sleepy, as you may notice from the picture where I was putting my head down on the bench.

Uma had some fun playing "swords" with my papa, by using the long blocks. She was loving that.

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TPS-SheilaP said...

omg this video is the best! i love that they are really starting to interact! my favorite part is right about halfway when uma is looking in the kitchen or something and anjali is trying to look at her face and follows uma even as she shoves on past, and then she's like "no, really, i CAN stand up!" while uma plays with the blocks and uma says "oh, wow! you CAN stand up!" and they go stand up and dancy pants together....
what a story!

i really miss these moments and wish i were there, but it's probably so different and in some ways better that once in a while there are no mamas with milk to distract them from each other.