Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Familiar With The Bathroom

This evening I was in the bathroom washing my hands. Anjali crawled down the hall to find me. And she immediately crawled to the tub and stood up, holding onto the edge. I turned around for a moment. When I turned back she had peed on the floor (she was diaper-free). Oops.

Later, Madhavi, Anjali and I were sitting in her room. Anjali crawled out, and we watched her go to the bathroom. She crawled to the tub again. This time I took it as a cue and sat her on the potty on her Baby Bjorn insert. She peed.

I think she is becoming familiar with the bathroom as a place to potty because I have been taking her there more often. Also, we generally keep an open-door policy for the bathroom so Anjali sees what's going on in there.

Perhaps it's working...

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TPS-SheilaP said...

that's so awesome! uma, when she is in her play room, will crawl over to the door and stay there. if it is open she will crawl into the hall and towards the bathroom and turn around and look at me. LOL!