Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Gatherings

I know it has been a long time since I've written anything on the blog. So much is going on - I can barely keep up! Anjali has gotten very good with crawling. After Jeremy posted that almost-crawling video, she started in earnest, without pulling herself, a few days later. She has also started clapping and singing. I am enjoying them both. The singing is particularly sweet. She will often join me if I am singing and sometimes, she sings just on her own. It lets me know she is happy and content. She will clap when she is excited. She is also so eager to explore her world and has become an expert stander and walker around our large ottoman.

We continue to explore new foods with Baby Led Weaning. We are trying to vary it as much as we can. Dr. Flood asked us to include black strap molasses, Vit D drops, and fish oil Frutol in her diet. Dr. Flood is so awesome and cutting edge. We started doing this on a regular basis over the last two weeks. We would have done it earlier but we couldn't get a routine and I lost the instuctions. It is messy and we try not to let her feed herself, but a bath often ensues afterwards. Anjali has been trying to stand up alot in the bath which is dangerous and thus frustrating for papa, so baths are often cut short. Anjali is often unhappy about this.

We now have a wonderful family bed. We threw out our old queen mattress and got a brand new organic queen mattress and an organic twin mattress and put them together on the floor. Wow! What a fantastic bed and a wonderful family experience. I cannot fathom putting a baby this young "in her own room". Anjali has slept next to me ever since she was born and will continue to do so indefinitely. Eventually, she will "set sail" on her twin down the hall and into her room but the passage will always be clear and she will always be welcomed back into our bed. We will probably sell the crib soon - it's had little use.


TPS-SheilaP said...

Glad you wrote -- missed the updates!

Can't wait to hear her singing! I still dream of a little baby band....

Uma was standing up in the bath at that same point. I stopped putting her in that little tub. I just had her hold on to the side of the tub or her duckie while I washed her standing up. She was really good at standing up though so I was somewhat confident. She was good like that for a number of weeks. Once in a while, she would sit down, but most of the time she would stand their quite nicely for the 3-5 min it took me to wash her. I was sad to lose the sweet bathtime. THEN, however, E-ma put her in her tub not knowing my new thing and Uma loved it. Sat there and played. So, my point is, maybe after a month or so, she's go back to loving the bath. They are definitely shorter, but still fun again.

So happy about the bed. We aren't using the crib either. Can't see when I will want it. I am excited for the time when I can put the mattress on the floor (could go back to that and do it again now, I guess) and have her wake up and crawl into her play room and play all on her own. I think she would be so happy with herself. She loves doing things on her own.

Soon enough, these two little will be roaming around our homes like it's nothing. In fact, you should come over this weekend. Email me! : )

JeremyDyen said...

It's not that she doesn't like the bath. She seems to like it very much. But she is just loving standing up, in general. The bath is no exception. I think if I accept that she is going to do it and just stay close to her--not try to impose a rule for rule's sake--it will be okay.

And, of course, tonight at bath time she sat down for about 10 minutes. She only stood at the very end, which I took as a signal to take her out.

TPS-SheilaP said...

Yes, I just felt more uncomfortable with her standing in the little tub and climbing on and tripping on and slipping on the sides of the little tub trying to grasp the side of the big people tub to hold on to. When I stood her up in the big people tub, she would stay still and solid, even without hands on the side while she held her duckie. It is easy then to scrub her all over (quicker than the little tub). Usually when I give her a bath it's after dinner (b/c Radha does the days) and she is so fooded up that I still stand her up while I fill the little tub and clean her and then put her in the tub to play and read her duckie bath book. I guess she seemed to understand that the tub is for sitting now that she sees where/when she can stand up safely.

I like what you said: not a rule for rule's sake. That's how I teach. I try to wait and see what Uma is capable of. So far, she is a fair balance of intrepid and cautious. I love watching this little girl.

I so want to hang with Anjali more and get to know her, too. I spend so little time with her. But Uma gets time with her and so does Radha, so that's good. I just hung w/Malcolm and Olivia and can see how each of the three is so unique and yet all are clearly secure in their love from their parents that they have in common a sweetness and easy going disposition. I am grateful for your companionship, for me, my daughter and my husband. It's only going to get better!