Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quick post to say that Madhavi, Anjali and I are on a short vacation in Jackson, NH. Rainy but beautiful. More later...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wills and Trusts

No, you dont usually see this on a baby blog, but we would like to remind all new parents to protect their new family by spending some time putting together a will and trust. There are alot of products on the market that will allow you to do it yourself. NOLO is a good company that makes a CD-ROM that you can purchase from and do your documents yourself. Of course, there are always good lawyers to help you with this too if you need. Life insurance is also very important to make sure your children are taken care of. Rarely do people talk about this because they don't wish to entertain the idea that they may not be there for their children, but it is best to be prepared and to provide for your children and spouse should something misfortunate happen to you.

Anjali's Nicknames

As time as gone by and Anjali is changing, so are her nicknames. Some of them are exactly the same and some of them have changed. We seemed to have evolved away from Bun to Boo.

Little Boo
Boo Boo
Boo boo bear
Cutey Cute
Bunny Boo
Bun Bun
Pie Pie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Many Misses

Well, perhaps we got a bit cocky about not having to clean poopy diapers for the first 6 months (we seriously only had about 5!). With solid food comes unpredictable pooping, at least with Anjali.

With peeing the cues seem a little more clear, though they have certainly changed over time. And with all the new mobility, sometimes the potty goes a little lower on Anjali's list of engaging activities.

There are some cues I think she's giving. It definitely happens when she's standing. And often she yelps a couple of times. The question is: is she yelling out before, during or after? We may have to brave the diaper free (and carpet free!) to learn the cues more. Stay tuned...

Getting Familiar With The Bathroom

This evening I was in the bathroom washing my hands. Anjali crawled down the hall to find me. And she immediately crawled to the tub and stood up, holding onto the edge. I turned around for a moment. When I turned back she had peed on the floor (she was diaper-free). Oops.

Later, Madhavi, Anjali and I were sitting in her room. Anjali crawled out, and we watched her go to the bathroom. She crawled to the tub again. This time I took it as a cue and sat her on the potty on her Baby Bjorn insert. She peed.

I think she is becoming familiar with the bathroom as a place to potty because I have been taking her there more often. Also, we generally keep an open-door policy for the bathroom so Anjali sees what's going on in there.

Perhaps it's working...

Daily Gatherings

I know it has been a long time since I've written anything on the blog. So much is going on - I can barely keep up! Anjali has gotten very good with crawling. After Jeremy posted that almost-crawling video, she started in earnest, without pulling herself, a few days later. She has also started clapping and singing. I am enjoying them both. The singing is particularly sweet. She will often join me if I am singing and sometimes, she sings just on her own. It lets me know she is happy and content. She will clap when she is excited. She is also so eager to explore her world and has become an expert stander and walker around our large ottoman.

We continue to explore new foods with Baby Led Weaning. We are trying to vary it as much as we can. Dr. Flood asked us to include black strap molasses, Vit D drops, and fish oil Frutol in her diet. Dr. Flood is so awesome and cutting edge. We started doing this on a regular basis over the last two weeks. We would have done it earlier but we couldn't get a routine and I lost the instuctions. It is messy and we try not to let her feed herself, but a bath often ensues afterwards. Anjali has been trying to stand up alot in the bath which is dangerous and thus frustrating for papa, so baths are often cut short. Anjali is often unhappy about this.

We now have a wonderful family bed. We threw out our old queen mattress and got a brand new organic queen mattress and an organic twin mattress and put them together on the floor. Wow! What a fantastic bed and a wonderful family experience. I cannot fathom putting a baby this young "in her own room". Anjali has slept next to me ever since she was born and will continue to do so indefinitely. Eventually, she will "set sail" on her twin down the hall and into her room but the passage will always be clear and she will always be welcomed back into our bed. We will probably sell the crib soon - it's had little use.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bun Bun and Lil Nook: A Retrospective

Thanks to Sheila for putting this together!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hanging with Uma Pai , by Anjali

We got to see Uma and Radha 2 times this week. Fun, fun! I love watching Uma move all over the place; it's inspiring. I am really into standing up, especially by holding onto our bench on the first floor. Uma came and joined me too. We also had some good conversation, and Uma gave me a sweet kiss. I was getting a bit sleepy, as you may notice from the picture where I was putting my head down on the bench.

Uma had some fun playing "swords" with my papa, by using the long blocks. She was loving that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Indian Classical Concert

On Sunday we took Anjali to her first Indian Classical music concert: Nayan Ghosh (papa's tabla teacher) on sitar, and his 10 year old son, Ishaan, on tabla. We only got a few pics, but Ishaan and Nayanda took a bunch of pictures when we spent the day with them. Read the full story...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Morning In The Park

This morning Anjali and I changed up our "routine". It's such a beautiful (close to) autumn day that it seemed like we should get outside early. So, after pottying and watering our flowers/plants we walked to Liberty Lands Park. We had the park pretty much to ourselves. We played in the grass, walked around a bit and played on the swings.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playing With Uma, by Anjali

Today we had a visit from Uma and Radha. I got to show off my recently acquired skills--crawling and climbing. Uma is fast though. She moves and climbs super quick. It's hard to keep up. Plus she can climb up stairs. Wow!

We had some conversations and played with some blocks, a basket and other toys. Then our papas walked with us to the Random Tea Room. We're still not allowed to have that yummy smelling chai, but we got to explore the Tea Room a bit. Yay friends!

More Playing With Uma Pai

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working With A Spoon

Today Anjali tried eating with a spoon. Mushed up avocado and refried beans are tricky with the hands, so Papa handed her a spoon. Although the wrong end of the spoon made it to her mouth more than once, Anjali did get some food to her mouth.

I Just Want To Bang On The Drum...(And Sometimes Eat It)

Today I was playing tabla and Anjali joined me...Uh, well, took over. These pictures show her playing the drums. What I didn't capture on film was her attempting to gum, lick and eat the drums. Figuring out how to approach saying "No" to that...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

At Honey's

These lovely photos were taken this week at Honey's by Sheila. Jeremy got to go but I was at work. Soon though! The photos are beautiful!