Saturday, August 7, 2010

My 6 Month Birthday!

For my 6th month birthday, I got to see my mama's parents, my nana and nani. I slept a good part of the afternoon so my parents couldn't take me out to the park to get some birthday photos. But when I woke up, my grandparents were here and I got to play with them. We had an immediate bond. My nani fed my a little piece of rice as is traditional for 6 month old babies and my mama let me taste some haluwa. I gloriously tasted them and then spit them back out. That didn't stop me from reaching for more. They played "birdy aye" with me and my nana did his trademark "Hello, hello". They were lots of fun and I hope to see them again very soon.

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r. seligman said...

What great photos! I love checking the blog and seeing the many moods of Anjali. She is so expressive!