Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eating for Real by Anjali

Now that I hit my 6 month birthday, my parents are officially giving me stuff that I could eat. This means that they give me food that I can actually bite a piece off and swallow. I don't have any teeth, but my gums are very strong as the teeth are inside them. It is not true that babies need mashed up food or they will choke. Since I feed myself, and THAT is the key, I will learn what size bite I need to take, how to get it to the back of my mouth, and how to swallow it safely. If someone feeds me, then I wont learn these things and it is a greater choking hazard. So, my mama gave me some raspberries and 2 sardines. Oh, how much fun I had with those sardines! I was a happy mess! My papa steamed some vegetables. It was really weird having a floppy squash and carrot when in the last few weeks, they were hard. But I loved them all! When there is no more food on my tray, I start banging it because I want more.

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Madhavi said...

Look at those happy, crazy eyes. That's what the first taste of sardines do to you.