Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cloth Diapering

We use cloth diapers on Anjali. Cloth diapers are very, very easy to use and have saved us tons of money. They are easy to wash and to care for. The only "hard" part was figuring out what kind of diaper to use and even this decision was fun. Nothing is permanent so if a diaper didn't work out for us, and some covers haven't, then this could be quickly changed. In addition to saving tons of money, we can use all our diapers again for another child if we wanted and resell our diapers and covers for at least half the price. Try doing that with a used disposable diaper. Eewwww. Other reasons for using cloth were also important to us: not have chemicals near our baby's sensitive skin, the superior absorbancy of cloth, not contributing to the earth's garbage, and always having diapers around - no running to the store. Disposable diapers also retain heat and increase the temperature of  baby' boy's testes thus harming the sperm.  We have never gotten diaper rash. If we did, I have Weleda's Calendula diaper cream for that.

The diapers I chose for Anjali are high quality organic cotton pre-folds. I bought them from Green Mountain Diapers, a wonderful family owned web business in Vermont. The woman who owns it knows EVERYTHING about diapers. We currently use organic wool covers from Imse Vimse which we love. Earlier, when Anjali didn't have such chunky thighs, we used Thirsties covers and liked them alot. But the Imse Vimse wool covers rule! We tried the Little to Big Beetle wool covers but I didn't love them. I found them to be too bulky.

At night, I use Bummis super whisper wrap covers, a prefold diaper laid on top of a hemp doubler and covered with a Malden Mills fleece liner. Anjali always feels dry and never leaks. Soon, we will restart ECing at night but until then, this system does the job beautifully.

Our cloth diapering experience is enhanced by our detergent Charlie's Soap which is the only detergent on the market without any residues and our wonderful velvety soft wipes by Swaddlebees. These wipes are the best! I use the homestead Wipe Solution and the Potty Pail both from Green Mountain Diapers. These have been very handy. For warm water, I use a pump Thermos that I bought on We use Babyganics antibacterial gel at each diaper station.

It is so easy to use cloth diapers nowadays. There really isn't any excuse not to. If your daycare requires disposables, there are diapers out there where the insert can just be changed and disposed of. The health of my baby is the most important thing. Cloth diapering helps support that.

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Eilish said...

This was so informative and helpful! I have been searching for a good detergent for cloth diapers for a good while now, so I am very happy for the recommendation.