Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beach - Stone Harbor

Today Anjali went to the beach for the first time. Mama and papa took her to the place where they got married, which was just off of the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ.

The beach was fun, but also tricky at times. Mental note: put on baby beach-wear and sunblock before getting to the beach.

Anjali loved playing with the sand. She took many opportunities to have a taste too. We have really wanted to get her in the water since she loves her bath so much. She liked the ocean. Papa wore her in the new mesh sling mama bought.
The sling was really helpful because it provided an extra layer in case the water was too cold for Anjali. It also held her close to papa for extra security in such a new and bold environment. Up until now Anjali has only heard recordings of the ocean. I wonder if she could make the connection. When papa went a little deeper into the water Anjali seemed a bit unsure, so he stayed a little more shallow after that.

In this series, the wave is coming in onto her little feet....

One wave took mama and Anjali by surprise. Anjali did not like that. So we went back to playing in the sand.

...So much sand! This perhaps is what makes a beach excursion a bit tricky. Immediately there was sand everywhere--in the diaper bag, on her sofie, on the camera, on Anjali's hands, mouth, face, etc., (Um, hello. It's a beach!)--and it was some work to keep Anjali from eating all of it.

All in all it was a good time, and Anjali did so well in the car. Long naps on the way there and the way back.

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r. seligman said...

I hope you showed Anjali where your fabulous wedding took place. Looks like she enjoyed her first trip to the beach. She's super cute in her hat and sunglasses!