Friday, July 16, 2010

Munchie Munchie

Sometimes we call Anjali 'Munchie Munchie.' Today Munchie Munchie munched on some veggies (and Sofie) while Papa ate his lunch.

The Baby Led Weaning book we are reading points out the difference between gagging and choking. When a baby gags it is a reflexive action in which the baby is learning and developing the proper muscular skills to eat safely. Gagging will usually happen with larger foods, and the baby will make a recognizable sound. Although probably a bit frightening to a parent, gagging is all part of the baby's learning and development. Choking will more often occur with smaller foods (a raisin for example) and the baby will be unable to breath, thus making no sound. This is why we feed Anjali larger pieces of food, like veggie sticks, in order to avoid choking hazards.

Still, Mama and Papa have to review their infant CPR. Today while Anjali gummed a piece of zucchini, got some smaller pieces in her mouth which were difficult to navigate (eating is a skill we adults take for granted!). Papa got scared when he saw her struggling, but she was fine. As you can see, Anjali enjoys this activity, although ultimately Sofie is her teether of choice.


TPS-SheilaP said...

i am having so much fun eating with uma. thank you both for reminding me what i wanted to do. each meal is an amazing experience where i learn so much about my daughter. the book is a super quick and easy read. some good tips. we mostly eat on a bedsheet on the floor. and we go nakey bits each time because she has to be hosed down afterwards. ; )

we are working on eating those raisins -- developing pincer skills....

JeremyD said...

That's great Sheila. And Uma's actually eating at this point. So cool.

I can imagine it gets messy. I'm sure it's hilarious and fun.

Good luck with those raisins!

Nancy said...

I read your first paragraph and thought, "I wonder if Madhavi and Jeremy took the infant CPR class." Then you answered that question for me. Luke is exploring food too. Holding and sucking on apple chunks, and even sucking on Mommy's peach. (For now I am ignoring what some people say about sugars in fruits.) I am still a bit nervous to let him have the food all to himself because baby saliva seems so effective at breaking down foods. I just worry that he'll get a big old chunk. Anyway, I always thought we'd intro food at 6 months, but my little bruiser is ready, and I am doing my best to respond to his needs.

By the way, I find myself calling Luke "stinky pants" pretty much all the time. It just comes out, and I feel bad afterwards, even though I say it lovingly and he smiles like he loves it. Munchie Munchie is a much better nickname!