Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Baby Led Weaning

Anjali is just about six months old (we can't believe it!), which is generally when babies are recommended to start eating solid foods, or at least foods other than mama's milk. As we said before in our New Firsts post in June, we are not planning on feeding Anjali purees but instead let her explore solid food at her own pace. Of course, at first she has not really been eating as much as exploring, gumming, tasting, handling and playing with what we give her, or rather what she reaches for. We don't put the food in her mouth, but let her pick up finger sized chunks of food as she desires. So far, with exception to some pita bread, she has tried only raw veggies and fruits (peach, strawberry, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, red pepper, plum, carrot, green beans and banana).

Only in the last few days does she seem to be getting tiny pieces off of the chunks we give her. She is still figuring out what is going on, and we expect this to be a process that will take some time.

When she discovers a tiny piece of food has come off of the chunks and is still in her mouth she is a bit perplexed. She sort of stops, makes a cute and soft exhale and moves her tongue around seemingly to get it out. We watch her intently, always on guard for choking (this is new for us so we're watching like hawks). Mostly the little pieces end up on her bib, the floor and her high chair or wherever she is sitting.

Yesterday she had a bit of trouble the first time she tried banana. she gummed off a huge piece and gagged and spit up. She didn't like that so much (neither did I!), although shortly thereafter she started picking up food again. From what we have read in Baby Led Weaning this is normal if perhaps disheartening for the parents, and usually the baby just picks up where they left off.

Today Anjali actually ate a tiny piece of cucumber. I have been giving her cucumber slices from the fridge since I read they are soothing for teething babies. Indeed Anjali seems to find it so. She got some tiny pieces off in her mouth, did her little freeze, stared at me, made her cute exhale, seemed like she might cry, but then smiled. As I couldn't find the pieces on or near her I am assuming she swallowed them. Yay Anjali!

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Anonymous said...

I love those picks!! Anjali is gorgeous and very funny!
Love Y.