Friday, July 16, 2010

Bathtime, by Anjali

I guess I am growing because I no longer fit in my old Prince Lionheart Washpod. I basically would not sit in it anymore; I would stand most of the time. And there was less and less room for Mama and Papa to actually wash me. I also liked to munch on the sides sometimes. I'll miss that washpod. Papa was hoping they made a bigger one for the next size up. And me too.

But luckily my new bath is great! It is a Primo EuroBath. Mama and Papa had tried to bathe me in it early on, but I would push off with my legs and cry. It wasn't so comfortable. But now, I'm the right size for it. It is quite comfy. There is much more room for Mama and Papa to wash me. What I really like is splashing. That's fun, and it gets them wet (haha!). They want to get me some bath toys so mama is looking into finding some natural ones. Also, my new bath fits so well in the big-person bath. That's pretty neat....

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