Friday, July 30, 2010

The Back Carrier and The Big Ball

We finally tried out the back carry in the Ergo carrier. It felt different. Mama is seen here on the back-wearing maiden voyage. Papa tried it out a few days later and Anjali even took a nap there as Papa bounced on the yoga ball and worked on the computer.

A little later on Anjali got to play with the Yoga ball.


TPS-SheilaP said...

nap? in the back carry? oooooo, options....
not sure if uma will do it. i just broke down and bought an ergo today. i figure i will use the heck out of it carrying this child around and my mei tai was driving me crazy when i would have uma while putting the leashes on the dogs for a walk. she'd be falling out and the dogs are fussing and she is fussing. i've not got the ergo right with all the adjustments yet, but i can tell it's going to be good. just having the weight on my hips makes a huge difference. i can't wait till radha comes home so he can try it!

JeremyDyen said...

Yeah, I found that it took a bit to make the right adjustments so that the Ergo was comfortable. It seems like it was more challenging when Anjali was smaller. We also had to use an insert then. Now that she's bigger this carrier rocks. I find it so easy. I can loosen and tighten the straps fairly simply to get her in and out.

The back carry makes it a bit more difficult to adjust the straps. Since the whole thing is on backwards you have to pull the straps backwards to tighten them, which I find more challenging.

That hip rest is definitely nicer on the back. Enjoy it!