Saturday, July 31, 2010

Little Drummer Girl - sent from Papa's phone

New Foods, by Anjali

I am trying lots of new foods everyday. I am playing a lot with the food, but more and more I can gum and suck pieces off. I spit a bunch out, but I actually swallow some as well. It's messy fun! I tried a boiled fingerling potato the other night. My parents had some vinegary dressing on theirs, but they wiped it off for me so I could explore the potato plain and simple. It was odd, and I have to say I didn't like it so much. I make distressed noises when I don't like something. I don't think it was the flavor--more the texture. I didn't know what to make of that mushiness. Maybe they overcooked it.

I also tried a piece of chicken. That was fun and sort of tasty. My parents got it at their neighborhood farmer's market where they get most of their produce too. I go there with them a lot--every Saturday.

Here I am eating watermelon for the first time. Wow! Flavor galore. But super mushy. Papa sat me on the floor and gave me a sweet bib/shirt and put me on a cloth, as he predicted this would be messy. He said the other approach might be to let me eat in my birthday suit so I wouldn't mess up my clothes. He heard my friend Uma does this a lot.

Some of my favorites are raw string beans, red pepper and cucumber. Or maybe those are my parents' favorites to give me because they're so easy... No preparation! Cucumber is one of my favorites for sure. I am getting good at actually eating them. I love a cool cucumber right out of the fridge. Feels good for a teether. And it's tasty.

I also tried apple for the first time the other day (Nota Bene from mama - not the first time). Papa gave me two slices with the skin. I kept dropping them. For some reason they were hard to handle. Maybe it was just the shape of papa's cut. But he let me hold and try the rest of the apple. He had eaten a bunch of it already and it was closer to the core, so it was easier for me to hold.

This afternoon Mama and Papa gave me some noodles. They call it 'spaghetti'. These two noodles gave me so much pleasure. I didn't actually eat any of them, but I definitely got a feel.

More Pics From Luke and Uma's Visit

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Uma and her mama Sheila, and Luke and his mama Nancy. We had lots of fun as you can see. And look at Uma Pai's guest post to see lots of great pictures and description.


Friday, July 30, 2010

The Back Carrier and The Big Ball

We finally tried out the back carry in the Ergo carrier. It felt different. Mama is seen here on the back-wearing maiden voyage. Papa tried it out a few days later and Anjali even took a nap there as Papa bounced on the yoga ball and worked on the computer.

A little later on Anjali got to play with the Yoga ball.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Post by Uma Pai

My mama and I went out on the town today. We dropped some homemade cream puffs off at my mama's friend Nica's house.

Then we went to see my friend Anjali! When I got there she was asleep and I met someone new--Luke!
I crawled around and was just going up the stairs....

....when Anjali woke up and came down!

Luke is half my age (I'm almost nine months!), and Anjali can sit up on her own, so I interacted more with her overall. While Anjali's mama got the table ready, I spent some time getting to know myself and him a bit better.

After lunch we played upstairs. I immediately gave her a kiss to show her I remembered her and like her, so she knows we are friends. I played gently and didn't make loud noises because last time I learned that Anjali doesn't feel so comfortable around my screeches and screams. My mama missed the actual first and best kiss, but she got these pictures and video of subsequent kisses. I really like Anjali.Anjali isn't crawling yet, but I could tell she was trying to come chase me. I can't wait till we can play that game and so many more!

 After Luke woke up from his nap, I got to know him a little better. By the time we were ready to go, I liked him well enough to crawl over and give him a kiss goodbye while he was stuck in his carseat.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fancy Footwork, by Anjali

I have skills, and I keep learning new ones and trying them out. I want to demonstrate for you my ever-improving balancing abilities and leg strength (Sorry, the light was not so great when papa shot this video).

Papa was getting a bit nervous that I might fall, but I was having a fun time and let him know.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music Anjali Sleeps To

Here's the current list of music Anjali sleeps or falls to sleep to (in-arms):

Rolling With It, by Papa

It's so easy to fall into routines or patterns only to find that a month, a week or even a day later those routines and patterns are not working. More challenging for me is to realize they're no longer working and to adjust, or at least try something new for a time.

For example, although Anjali only goes to sleep via nursing or in arms, I was most often able to rock her to sleep and then put her down in her bassinet, crib, swing or our bed. We even found some music that helped her find calm and to sleep (not necessarily soft and "calming" music per se). But three or four days ago it changed; as soon as I would lay her down she would cry, sometimes eyes open and sometimes closed. It became frustrating for me because everything had been working pretty well. So after three and sometimes four attempts to put her down I would have to give up either with an awake baby or an in-arms baby. Or I would revert to the Ergo carrier. I also noticed that in the past three or four days Anjali starts crying if we leave her alone in a room (even for 30 seconds to empty a potty) or we are not giving our undivided attention when she is playing.

However, twice yesterday I was able to put her in the bed and she napped for a while. And this morning the same, although in the afternoon she wouldn't have it.

So I am reminded that I have to roll with it. It's such an important concept that so easily eludes me sometimes. I have to roll with it, listen and watch for what Anjali is communicating or needing, and remind myself that this baby is constantly growing, developing and changing. What she needs or likes today may be very different tomorrow. In the rougher times when she just needs to be held most of the day it is best that I give her that, suspend the things I "need" to do and remind myself that every phase leads to a new one.

It is often best to trust our intuition (easier said than done!).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Baby Led Weaning

Anjali is just about six months old (we can't believe it!), which is generally when babies are recommended to start eating solid foods, or at least foods other than mama's milk. As we said before in our New Firsts post in June, we are not planning on feeding Anjali purees but instead let her explore solid food at her own pace. Of course, at first she has not really been eating as much as exploring, gumming, tasting, handling and playing with what we give her, or rather what she reaches for. We don't put the food in her mouth, but let her pick up finger sized chunks of food as she desires. So far, with exception to some pita bread, she has tried only raw veggies and fruits (peach, strawberry, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, red pepper, plum, carrot, green beans and banana).

Only in the last few days does she seem to be getting tiny pieces off of the chunks we give her. She is still figuring out what is going on, and we expect this to be a process that will take some time.

When she discovers a tiny piece of food has come off of the chunks and is still in her mouth she is a bit perplexed. She sort of stops, makes a cute and soft exhale and moves her tongue around seemingly to get it out. We watch her intently, always on guard for choking (this is new for us so we're watching like hawks). Mostly the little pieces end up on her bib, the floor and her high chair or wherever she is sitting.

Yesterday she had a bit of trouble the first time she tried banana. she gummed off a huge piece and gagged and spit up. She didn't like that so much (neither did I!), although shortly thereafter she started picking up food again. From what we have read in Baby Led Weaning this is normal if perhaps disheartening for the parents, and usually the baby just picks up where they left off.

Today Anjali actually ate a tiny piece of cucumber. I have been giving her cucumber slices from the fridge since I read they are soothing for teething babies. Indeed Anjali seems to find it so. She got some tiny pieces off in her mouth, did her little freeze, stared at me, made her cute exhale, seemed like she might cry, but then smiled. As I couldn't find the pieces on or near her I am assuming she swallowed them. Yay Anjali!

Honey & Friends

We had a nice day the other day despite the summer rain showers. We took Anjali to Honey's for breakfast around the corner. We decided to use their highchairs but having used them, we didn't like them very much. There was no tray so we couldn't give her any food. In the end, the din - as occurs in places with high ceilings - made her uncomfortable and we left as soon as we were done. Mama realized that she doesn't care much for din either. After a very productive day, Our friends Radha and Sheila and Uma came over for a visit.