Friday, June 4, 2010

Recent Achievements

  • Loves to reach for and hold all sorts of objects.
  • Almost always observes Fuzzy, our cat, when he enters or leaves a room or her field of vision. She reaches for him, so we hold her near him and she pets him. Her hands are full of fuzz hair afterward so we have to wash her hands. And sometimes her movements are not smooth and she startles Fuzzy and he walks away.
  • Rolls over from back to tummy often.
  • Reaches for mama to pick her up.
  • Has occasionally "crawled" backwards by pushing herself with her hands during tummy time.
  • Loves to touch papa's face when he brings it close to her.
  • Eats anywhere from four to five ounces of milk from the spoon when mama is at work, minus the dribbles.
  • Sat with papa at the keyboard/piano recently and pushed the keys down with her hands. Papa also stood her on the keys and let her literally make "dance music."
  • Almost never pees in her diaper during naps. There have been a few days when Anjali has been very communicative and we have been very observant, and she went all day with no wet diaper.


TPS-SheilaP said...

WHAT?! 4-5 oz from the spoon! YAY, ANJALI!

TPS-SheilaP said...

and congrats on the dry days. any dry moment seems like a victory. : )

Radha Gopinath das said...

Go Super Baby Anjali!