Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pediatrician Visit

We just got back from the pediatrician's office where we had a lovely visit with Dr. Flood. Anjali is now 15 pounds, 6 oz and is 26 inches tall, both is the 90th percentile. Yay Anjali! We were kind of surprised at this because I just thought she was in the middle percentiles somewhere. She has never had an ounce of anything but breastmilk and on demand feedings. On the way back, she slept through the entire car ride and although she woke when she got home, she fell asleep again in Papa's arms.

Anjali is rolling over in both directions now, starting to teethe, makes clucking noises, plays with her toys and gets upset if they aren't doing what she wants them to do, give Fuzzy all her attention when she sees him. She can also turn things around in her hands. She likes looking at books and then putting them in her mouth. And today, she sat up with no support.

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Radha Gopinath das said...

Oh my gosh, she is such a big girl! See what happens when you don't see a little friend for a week!?