Monday, June 14, 2010

New Firsts by Anjali

Lately, I've taken an interest in what my parents eat. The other day, my mama was eating a strawberry and I wanted some too. I reached for it and she let me suck on it. Wow! I really liked it although my shirt was a mess. Then, I saw her eating a peach and I reached for it too. Only this time, I figured out that since she was holding it, it was much easier to pull her hands to my mouth so I could suck on the peach. Pure heaven!

Yesterday, my papa and I were making breakfast, and I grabbed for the banana. I got the peel and it ripped off in my hand. I held on to my peel treasure for a long time until I forgot about it and it landed on the floor. So after that, my parents, who have been reading "Baby-Led Weaning" by Rapley and Murkett, decided it was time to get me a high chair. My mama picked a red Antilop chair from Ikea. I sat in it for the first time today so that I could join my parents for lunch. My mama gave me two carrots and two pieces of broccoli. I could hold those and explore them with my mouth. Then, they fell out my hand onto the floor. My papa kept finding them, washing them off and giving them back to me. I would put them in my mouth but they kept falling. I was listening in my sleep, and I heard that they don't plan on giving me any pureed food. They are only going to give me solids to explore and play with right now and then eat when I am ready.

I kissed my mama for the first time yesterday too. She was giving me lots of kisses on my face while playing with me and I started kissing her back. I haven't gotten this kiss thing down yet - there is no puckering up. But, I got the concept. I'll work on it. In the meantime, I still like finding and sucking on my parents' noses.

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