Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Baby Led

Yesterday Anjali and I had a fantastic day, despite the fact that she is going through a developmental phase which can be rough.

I held her a lot, although she had some time in her new playpen and had some time to play on her playmat. I spent some time playing a drum and singing to her as she laid on her changing mat fully engaged. We spent a good deal of time watching Fuzzy, our cat. Anjali watches him so intently. She reaches out to pet him. It takes some maneuvering on my part to get him to come close enough and to hold her in a way that she can reach him. Her movements aren't always the smoothest so Fuzzy often backs away. But we persisted and she pet him once or twice. We also played the keyboard. I played some songs and sang and Anjali improvised along by mashing her hands on the keys. And of course we looked at books and her favorite high contrast Art Cards.

I followed her lead on hunger, naps and her general need to be in arms a lot. She seems to need lots of sleep, but is really needing help getting there. Today I have rocked her to sleep and tried to lay her in her bassinet only to have her immediately wake up. I tried this three times in one napping session and then resorted to putting her in the swing where she slept. I just repeated that scenario again. Why fight it? She needs sleep and needs movement to get there.

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