Friday, June 4, 2010

Car Rides

As papa got a new (used) car (thank you so much to Mary and Richard!!!), we were able to make excursions to visit mama during her days at work. Papa was a little nervous on Wednesday when he planned on his first attempt. He remembers Anjali crying during those trips only a couple of weeks ago when he had to walk to a PhillyCarShare car carrying the car seat, car seat base, diaper bag and Anjali. And, the construction on I-95 was horrible.

Certainly, the simple walk from back door to car makes things easier both for papa and Anjali. But Anjali is a different girl than a few weeks ago. She is taking everything in and loves to look around at everything. Also, she is able to hold objects for a good period of time and therefore entertains herself.

She cried some on Wednesday, mainly because we hit bad traffic on the way. But Anjali was equipped with Sofie, the teether giraffe, and the little caxixi (pronounced cah-shee-shee) which is that small shaker-instrument shown in the previous post. When she dropped them, papa was able to reach back with one hand and help her grab these objects.

Yesterday, Thursday,  was even better. No cries at all! Just a few fussy-near-cries. But even with a bit of traffic, Anjali enjoyed her toys, looking out the window at trucks and any other passers-by and occasionally sucking on her hand. That and the movement of the car helped her to fall asleep.

This new stage Anjali has reached makes visits to mama even more joyous, and gives us hope in taking some longer road trips.

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TPS-SheilaP said...

i swear those caxixi are made for babies!