Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stay At Home Papa

This is the end of the day three since mama has been at work and I have been a stay-at-home papa. It's a tough transition for all involved, but I feel like we're handling it quite well. In addition, mama has an extra day thrown in there this week (4 days instead of 3) and they are extra tough days of call. So, we are looking forward to the weekend. Of course, I have to spend some of that time searching for a new used car...

Yesterday and today were really great but not without some hitches. Yesterday, Anjali and I went to pick up our Philly Car Share car and the car wasn't there! Not cool. I then had to walk 5 blocks to another car with a very upset and screaming baby. Anjali is not a big fan of the stroller. With those not-so-cared-for Philly streets and sidewalks, can you blame her? Alas, we need to take the stroller because we need the car seat.

In general, it is not fun when Anjali is crying and hard to console. Luckily, her crying bouts are not so long, and they are with good reasons: tired, gotta poop, miss mama, miss nursing, hungry, hot, cold, etc. Today, she fussed and cried a bit, but no full-on wailing all the way to the car. (Man, I can't wait to get another car! And neither can Anjali).

Feeding is going great with the spoon. Anjali is eating almost 2 ounces in a session, and today we had three sessions. If I had a third hand, I would take a picture or some video because she seems so satisfied and happy afterwards. She sits on my lap, she smiles at me and we talk. I show her these awesome Art Cards for Baby by Wee Gallery. These are high contrast black and white cards with great animal pictures on them. She is loving these cards right now. She can stare at one for several minutes. I move it all around and she follows it. She smiles at times and even talks to the ones she really likes, like the owl and the cat.

When she's super upset and crying, sometimes I crank up some music on the ipod. She loves "Just Ain't Fair," by NRBQ. She almost immediately stops crying, and then I dance with her and I sing along. We also listened to Regina Spektor today, and shortly thereafter, she crashed on me while I sat in the glider and listened to a great album by Bela Fleck and Mohan Bhatt.

The best part of the day is when we visit mama at work. It's so beautiful and peaceful where we meet. No one else comes to this little nook, so we have it all to ourselves. It smells fantastic with lots of flowers, trees, and tons of birds, all with different songs. And you can hear noises of frogs (I think they're frogs) coming from the pond. The best part is that mama and Anjali have time together to explore and nurse and just be together.


r. seligman said...

Love the picture of Anjali holding Madhavi's fingers. Beautiful! Anjali sure is lucky to have two such fine parents. Good work, Mama and Papa!

Madhavi said...

Thanks Rachel! I am so glad this week is over.