Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Papa's Story:

Well, the day we dreaded finally arrived. Today mama had to go back to work. I won't go into all of the emotions and thoughts I/we have regarding our cultural acceptance, or rather demand, that mothers not be afforded the ability to spend a year on work leave with their babies. We'll save that for another post. Just some highlights from today...

This week mama has to work 4 days, though typically she will be working 3 days of the week. Compound this with the fact that I am car-less until I find a new one. But Philly Car Share will suffice in the meantime. I had to pick up some things from the car share in order to use a car today. This meant Anjali's first subway ride which went very smoothly as she was snuggly wrapped in the Moby with me. The trip up and back went smoothly. I did have a panic moment when I thought, 'Oh..Um, I didn't bring any bottles of milk. What if she wakes up and is hungry?!' Mental note for next time.

The First Feeding
We got back and I unwrapped Anjali. She cried for a moment, but calmed when I laid her down and sang. Dry diaper, but I failed to get her to the potty in time. Only pee on the changing mat.
She ate like a champ without fuss, the spoon again proving itself, and Anjali proving that she will eat peacefully while mama is away. And a few pats on the back for me too! She ate about a half to 3/4 of an ounce. Not much by mama's nursing standards, but fairly typical for the spoon feeding sessions so far. I went for a refill on the bottle but got a fussy baby on this second round.

So, we listened to some music, calmed, and then I laid her on her play mat which she enjoyed. I was able to sneak away for a few and make a quick lunch for me for the road. And we caught another pee, though she over shot the potty-hat and got my pants a bit. Potty accident number two, sort of...

Off To See Mama
Getting everything together for the car ride is much harder on the solo mission. But I was able to prepare here and there as I held Anjali. This was just about the end of a 90 minute cycle. good timing I think. Her eyes were closed by the time I got her in the carseat/stroller.

The trip in the stroller to pick up the car was less smooth (thanks to Philly sidewalks being what they are!). Anjali cried a good part of the way, and the whole time while I put in the car seat base and figured out for the first time how to start a Prius. However, once we hit the highway she fell asleep and we were on our way to mama.

Happy Reunion
Three and a half hours is the longest chunk of time that mama and Anjali have been apart. Needless to say Anjali was happy. And so was mama.

Mama and Anjali nursed and hung out in this little park area where mama works. It's quite beautiful. I ran off to the post office and bank in the meantime.

The ride home was smooth. Anjali slept the entire ride, and continued to sleep as we strolled home, and for another 45 minutes when we got home. This gave me a bit of time to get some work done and make a few phone calls.

Afternoon Snack
Anjali woke up crying a bit, and she woke up tired, if that makes sense. In fact, when I laid her on the changing mat she fell back to sleep for a few minutes. And she was hungry. She gulped--and I mean gulped--down another 1/2 ounce or so of milk. Then she was fussy. I tried a second round of milk, but it was a no go. But we listened to ocean sounds on the Ipod while I held her. I laid her on her changing mat on the floor and she smiled and we talked to each other. And she had some tummy time which she thoroughly enjoyed. She seemed tired and a little fussy. No surprise as she was nearing the end of another 90 minute cycle (amazing when that really works!).

Pottied her again and then I thought she might be hungry. She was. Again, she lapped up milk from the spoon in about a minute. Another 1/2 ounce. No fuss, and in fact she was happy and smiling. Yay!

I sang her sleepy time song to her and swayed with her in my arms and she fell asleep quickly. Still, the ocean sounds were playing in the background. I'm finding that I like them...And I think she does too. Less shushing for me!

Now she's in her swing looking quite precious. Hope mama's home soon...She has a Brown Betty cupcake waiting for her!

Video of short tummy massage

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r. seligman said...

Thinking of all of you today. Hope that tomorrow goes more smoothly although it sounds like you both did a great job.