Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My World by Anjali

One of my favorite games that I play with my mama is "Up and Down". My mama has been playing this with me since I was 6 weeks old and I love it so much. My mama props herself up with pillows and bends her knees. The knees are higher than her head. Then she picks me up and sits me on her knee so that I look at her. I smile at her and talk to her so she knows its my favorite. Then I straighten my legs, arch my back, and she helps me 'fly" or slide down her leg, landing on her tummy where she showers me with kisses. Then I get really excited and want to do it again!

Another game we play is when she lies down on the bed and I sit on her tummy. She bends me forward and we are face to face. We are so close that when I look into her eyes, she has one big brown cyclops' eye and I have one big blue cyclops' eye. We coo at each other and tell each other how much we love each other. It's my mama's favorite.

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