Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Day

This is my last day of maternity leave and I plan on spending it all with my bunny on this rainy Spring day. We have been "rehearsing" since Saturday - waking up early, getting ready for work, etc so that tomorrow doesn't seem so large and looming. The only thing is that I get very tired and want a nap but I can't get one once I start working. And starting tomorrow, I am on call for four days which is always exhausting but my colleagues are going to cover some of the nights for me. Anjali drinks from a medicine spoon and takes in some fluids this way and Jeremy is going to bring her every day at lunch. Unfortunately, this isn't so easy as his car died on Saturday for good. I am glad that I am leaving my baby with her papa in a familiar environment. But it is really hard to leave her at all. Really, really hard.


TPS-SheilaP said...

oh sweetheart, i so know what you mean. the stupid thing is, someone told me before my first day that it seems harder than it really ends up being. and i would say i was angry about that before i started. but though it is hard, it is doable. but i will say i hate having to make that choice. and i'm sorry you have to make it too. maybe between the two of us we can find a way to stay home (more)....let's pray.

Nancy said...

I hate to leave advice here because I haven't been through this yet. It does seem possible though that this transition, like going from pregnancy to parenthood, is just one on the journey.... perhaps these are nothing but silly words, but I hope that you will enjoy your time at work and home. You are such a thoughtful person; I am sure you will find noteworthy tidbits from your experience. We anxiously wait to read about them here! We also pray that your transition is easy on you, Anjali, and Jeremy. You are leaving her with her wonderful daddy! She is surely in good, loving hands.

Lots of love from the Kellys!