Friday, May 14, 2010

If I Wait Too Long: Papa's Story

Yesterday afternoon was quite hectic, and not having a car made it more so. Philly Car Share is a savior, but it requires more steps than getting into my own car. We have to walk to the car. Then I have to install the car seat base before getting Anjali settled in. And reverse the process for the way home. These few extra steps may not seem like a lot, but it adds time. Add to that that Anjali is not a fan of being in the car, and I feel terrible because she's in the backseat all alone. She cries for sure, although if the ride is long enough--at least 10-15 minutes - she falls asleep. However, she awakens shortly thereafter when she has to be transferred out of the car.

Yesterday, our car excursion took a bit over 2 hours. I fed her right before we left ,but she tends to eat every 2 hours, o she was so distraught at the end of the car ride. She calmed during the walk home but was wailing as we neared the house. This was gut wrenching because I couldn't get home any quicker.

She was so upset and I couldn't get her calm enough that I could spoon feed her. Eventually I got her a little calm and she took some milk. this was frustrating because she was hungry, but wastoo worked up to eat. This is what happens if I wait too long. I even attempted a bottle, because although she was taking some from the spoon, it was clear she needed to suck! I put milk on the outside of the nipple, as a friend suggested, and she did take that for a minute...but I wasn't set up for bottle feeding and the top was leaking and making a mess. At that point, though, she was calm enough and gulped down the rest of the milk from the spoon. Minus some usual dribblage, she ate about 2 ounces. That's pretty hefty for a non-mama feeding!

Even after that though, she still was looking to suck. She sucked on my nose, but I thought it might not be the most hygienic. Then I tried showing her Sofie, a rubber giraffe teether which she has been really taking to and reaching for and grabbing. Indeed, Sofie did the trick and she loved having Sofie's head in her mouth! I don't ever want to wait too long to feed my sweet Anjali...but if I am ever in a bind, I know who to turn to.


Nancy said...

We have a Sofie, too! It came as a gift from Chris's cousin in Canada. We haven't introduced Sofie to Luke yet, but based on your experience, maybe we will do that soon.

Hope all is well!

JeremyD said...

Hey Nancy,

It certainly can't hurt to try and introduce Sofie. We had untroduced her earlier, but Anjali showed little to no interest. She wasn't yet finding lots of objects too interesting. In the last couple of weeks though that has changed. She likes to reach for some things and grip them in her hand(s). And clearly she likes to test them out in her mouth. She responds to the squeaky sound of Sofie too.
All is well...Hope yo guys are well too!