Friday, May 14, 2010


This morning Anjali woke up from a morning nap crying. Usually she sleeps for a while in the morning and she had only been asleep about 45 minutes in her bassinet, so I found it peculiar. I quickly went to her and picked her up, but she continued to cry. I figured it was a good time to check the diaper, which was wet. And, though she was still crying I thought I would give a potty opportunity, figuring if she keeps crying or intensifies I won't keep her there (her body language is very clear when she wants off of the potty; she straightens her legs or pushes off and stiffens).

But indeed she calmed quickly and peed and pooped. She even gave a sigh of relief. After I put the new diaper on her she went back to sleep in my arms.

Not only can she hold it, but she can communicate clearly that she needs to go. Yay Anjali!


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Madhavi said...

Oh my god, that is so awesome! I am particularly amazed that she did this while sleeping and afterwards, went right back to sleep.