Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonder Weeks

We are reading this book called The Wonder Weeks that chronicles the most important neurological developmental weeks of babies in the first year. The book is written by two Dutch researchers and tells you when the weeks are, what to expect that week, what the babies will learn, and how you can help them. They are weeks 5, 8 (that's us now!), 12, 19,26,37,46,55. This week is the world of patterns: babies start to recognize patterns visually and aurally. The researchers studied a bunch of babies and followed them throughout the year. They found that all babies go through these developmental weeks. Babies tend to be extra fussy and inconsolable because it is scary for them. So, extra care and comfort is needed.

Today, Anjali interacted with her own image in the mirror, was fascinated by the rotating lambs on her swing, by the books on the shelf next to mama's chair, and by the patterns on papa's shirt. Actually, she couldn't stop looking at them, even when she is moved. This is the first time she is really interested in things other than our faces.


r. seligman said...

How could you not stare at that shirt? I'd love to know where Jeremy picked that up.

Anonymous said...

This is realy good one,everbody age 1 week to 100 years will stare at that one!

Madhavi said...

Rachel, the shirt is from ArcheDream, a blacklight dance group here in Philadelphia. The art was done by Alan Bell, an amazing artist who does all the costumes for ArcheDream too.