Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to Lancaster

This morning we decided on an impromptu trip to Lancaster, PA. Mama and I wanted to change up our normal routine which often winds up getting us outside much later in the day. So, after Anjali's morning potty around 7am, and a bit of awake and play time with Mama and Papa, Anjali went down for a long morning nap. In that time we got everything ready, so when Anjali awoke and we got her situated, we could go and enjoy the beautiful day.

The ride there was uneventful, and Anjali eventually fell asleep. Keep in mind Lancaster is about an hour and 15 minute car ride for us, so this was the longest car trip we have taken with her. We made it there and Anjali only started fussing at the very end of the ride. She was getting a little too hot in the car seat.

The sun was definitely very bright for Anjali's sensitive eyes (perhaps a trait from papa), so we had to stick to the shade as much as possible today. I can't say we ended up doing that much while in Lancaster on this trip. Anjali was a bit tired, and being outside of our normal house routine made it difficult to do certain things. We were not so good about watching the time and helping her to nap after 90 minutes. Stimuli was difficult to control. Plus, moving around so much meant she couldn't nap for as long as she wanted. Also, we have not yet implemented a travel potty system so we were unable to EC and instead simply changed the diapers. Also, if there was nowhere to go and potty her and she was clearly cue-ing that she had to go, we would cue her to simply go in her diaper and figured we would change her at the next best the trunk of the car.

We did, however, calm her to nap while we ate lunch at a restaurant...And we had Shoe Fly Pie. Yum! But papa ate to much.

After lunch we decided it best to make our way home. Oh, but the car ride home was not as smooth as the way out. We had to stop shortly into it because Anjali was crying and uncomfortable. We stopped and she nursed. We changed her in the back of the car, and figured we had our bases covered, and that the movement of the car would rock her to sleep.

Um...wrong. She did not want to be in that car seat. Well, she did fall asleep for a while, but she awoke when we hit terrible rush hour traffic and pretty much wailed for the next half hour it took to get home, occasionally being comforted by sucking on mama's finger, by our shushing and our voices, and by this cute froggy toy. In general though, it was really difficult because we were stuck in the car. And clearly Anjali was telling us to get her out of that seat and into our arms. She was staring at mama, and even with mama's hand around her she was not comforted. It was as if she was looking at mama like, "Why are you not getting me out of this thing?! You're right there!" Anjali has no understanding of the necessity for her to be in that seat in the car.

Anyway, when we got home she was calm pretty much as soon as mama picked her up. She sat on the potty very relaxed for a good 10 or 15 minutes. Nothing came out, but she was calm. Then mama fed her, and shortly thereafter sat on the potty again and pooped. Mama said after that she was like a different little girl--much relieved and relaxed. Perhaps she really had to go while we were in the car...Or perhaps she did really just want out of that seat and to be held. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

The funny thing is, I guess we drove all the way to Lancaster for lunch and Shoe Fly Pie! Haha! It was worth it though to get out of a daily routine, enjoy the outdoors, and always to learn more about our baby...

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TPS-SheilaP said...

what a wonderful story. good for you, getting out into the world. i know i am just now starting to feel comfortable. every trip seemed like a big deal earlier. uma will cry too if the car stops moving -- TRAFFIC, stupid stop lights. but even in that i have learned to be stronger...and maybe uma too?

hope you are doing ok as you prepare to go back to work, madhavi. sending lots of loving thoughts your way!