Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tag Team Dinners

Ah, the essence of timing...Or lack there of. There are various scenarios where we are constantly developing our timing and anticipation skills. Of course, trying to be "baby led" parents, while trying to incorporate the knowledge and wisdom we have read, often means timing is thwarted.

Some different timing issues include:
  • Baby led nap timing vs. going out (either a specifically scheduled appointment or event or something as simple as trying to go to the park and enjoy the day). There were times today, for example, when we thought, "when she wakes up, nurse her and then we'll go to the park." Of course, she slept longer, or after nursing immediately fell asleep for another round of nap! We did eventually make it to the park, by about 4:30 pm or so.
  • Bedtime Routine: Trying to get the bedtime routine to coincide with when Anjali is actually ready to go to sleep is a bit of an exercise in patience. We're learning everyday though, and I think our new bedtime plan may just work out...It did tonight. It's all about flexibility though. but more on the new bedtime routine in another post.
  • Meals: How many times have I cooked something only to have it ready just when Anjali wakes up and has to nurse, thus leaving mama less than hands free. It's something I can often anticipate will happen. but we've learned to have tag team dinners. This, of course, is when I'll eat while mama nurses Anjali, and then mama eats while I take Anjali. There are times--somewhat messy times--when mama will attempt eating while nursing, or I will attempt to eat while holding Anjali. This might be called partial meal on baby's head...


Nancy said...

Very funny! My facebook status the other day: "Good mom or bad mom? I am wearing Luke in a wrap while he's sleeping, then I look down and see multigrain toast crumbs all over his head. Oops! Good that I am keeping him close, bad that my breakfast has fallen all over him." So I guess we're all on the same page!

Callie said...

I was turned on to your blog by Christy's post (we're another Motherland Midwifery homebirth family!). I have so enjoyed walking Anjali's journey with you as we are on our own journey with our little one (2 months old today!). From EC to babywearing to tag-team meals (or solo meals that baby ends up "wearing"), I resonate with many of your posts. Thank you for sharing!

JeremyDyen said...

Thanks for your comment Callie. Cool you're on the journey with us. I hope it's going well. Glad Christy posted that. She's really created an awesome community.