Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Baby Wearing

Just here to tout baby wearing. In fact I am wearing Anjali in a Moby wrap as I type this. Of course occasionally I have to stand up and sway back and forth a bit if she squirms, fusses or makes any sign to the effect of, "Hey papa, 'I like to move it, move it!'"

Anyway, mama and I have only experienced and read positive things about keeping baby close to us, whether awake or napping. Since Anjali is now big enough to be worn facing out that's a great way to have her when she's awake, as she can observe the world better than facing in. Facing in is much better when we know she is close to nap time. But either is great because she goes where we go and experiences with such closeness all of the things we do. This way we can do things hands free, have Anjali close to our body and let her experience all sorts of sites and sounds in our daily lives.

For example, right after I wrapped Anjali to me I checked my text messages, brushed my teeth, emptied her potty, did some dishes, put some other items away, and now am typing this. She just fell asleep. After this I will make a few necessary phone calls, possibly play tabla for a bit, and continue with my day.

Just to mix it up, so she does not get used to just one way or place for napping, mama and I vary between putting her down in her bassinet, our bed, her swing, in arms/lap/chest or wrapping her. The benefits of putting her down in bed or crib are that we are a bit more free than with the wrap, and that Anjali gets used to a bit of distance from mama and papa. However, this usually involves a ritual of singing to her, bouncing her on the ball, putting her in the bed/bassinet and likely picking her up and repeating these steps a few times, plus shushing or singing to her. It's also likely that once we leave the room she make wake 10 minutes later with the possibility of repeating the process again. Also, everything needs to be quiet for this process to work because infants at this stage do not have great ability to block out all sorts of distractions that older kids and adults can, such as household noises (refrigerator, fans going on and off, computer, etc) and street noise.

With the wrap, little to none of that is necessary. Just being close is enough! I can clank dishes, hit drums, sing, have conversations with people, do laundry, etc. And she will still fall asleep and remain asleep 98% of the time.

Yay wrap! Time to make a phone call...


Nancy said...

Yes! We love our Moby too! I second all of what you wrote here. Same for naps and noise (most of the time).

I just walked Luke to the Piazza the other day in the Moby. The stroller is great, and he enjoys it, but we LOVE the wrap! I wonder how it will feel as the weather gets warmer....

JeremyD said...

I was walking with Anjali to the subway this morning and thinking, "How well will this work in the dead of summer? It's already gotten up to or close to 90 degrees, and we've only begun may!"

I am going to have to research this...Still, you gotta figure people all over the world, in hot and cold climates, are wearing babies. It just seems to be the ideal way, and happiest for the baby.