Thursday, April 15, 2010

Intuition: Recognizing it...Or not

We have read in several EC books and websites that recognizing your baby's cues to potty are important. But there is also an importance in listening to your intuition. We read that there are times when mothers or fathers just sensed that their baby had to pee. So they pottied them and, in fact, they were right.

This morning I was giving Anjali a leg massage and had her on the changing table with no diaper on her. There was a moment when I had this intuitive feeling that Anjali may have to pee. She was not cuing however, so I let it pass. Only 5 to 10 seconds later out came the pee while she lay on her back. Oops. Maybe I should trust my intuition, as it may be one of the most reliable senses!

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