Saturday, April 3, 2010

Infant Massage

We are taking an Infant Massage Class with Gwyn MacDonald, a certified massage therapist. The class focuses on the standardized infant massage course taught around the world. There are 3 babies in the class, ages 4 mo, 4 1/2 mo, and Anjali (2 months) and we have been doing it for a month now. We have one more class to go. It's kind of comical - we are lucky if we get 15 min of massage in as something baby-led usually takes over: diaper, feeding, tired, etc. But we are taking the techniques home and using them when we can. It will be really nice when the weather gets warmer. Touching stimulates growth of the myelin sheath on nerve cells - thus nerves work faster. So massages are good for you and especially, babies!
The last picture is Gwyn demonstrating on her doll Emerson.

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