Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Getting Stronger..." by Anjali

Anjali's view:

I'm growing so fast and in so many ways. Not only am I growing out of my first clothes (mama is getting sad and sentimental about it), but I am making new leaps developmentally, both physically and mentally.

For one, I really love having conversations with mama and papa. One of my favorite conversation times is in the morning, shortly after I wake up. Papa potties me and then lays me on the changing table. After about the 2 or 3 seconds it takes for me to focus and absorb, I give him the biggest smile. This usually warrants a big smile from papa. That's when he starts talking and singing to me. Lately papa's been singing Frank Zappa's Let Me Take You To The Beach, which is a silly song but so much fun. I imitate him the best I can...And he imitates me, eventually degenerating in to a back and forth of goofy sounds and babble. But we smile a lot and have fun. Mama noticed that I try to respond when they say "hi," "hello," or "hey." Of course my versions are a little different (and way cuter).

Also, in addition to staring at mama and papa, I am staring and focusing more on certain objects. There's an adorable wool owl that I love to look at while papa holds me in the glider chair. And mama finds me looking at the books. I love when mama and papa read to me. My favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Moo Baa La La La, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and my bedtime books, Goodnight Moon and The Napping House. Sometimes I really love to look at the pictures and try to say the words the best I can. Other times I am distracted by other things around me and mama and papa have to stop reading.

On the physical side, I am really enjoying the comforts of sucking on my hand. This means mama and papa have to be vigilant about washing my hands. But it's nice for mama to know that I can comfort suck on my hand without needing to latch onto her, that is, when I'm not really hungry and perhaps a bit fussy...And no need for a pacifier; I don't really like the pacifier.

My legs are getting super strong. I love when mama or papa holds me in a standing position. My favorite game is when mama stands me up, lets me push off and jumps me to another place, like on the other side of her, or on her knees, or on a chair. She says, "Jump!" I smile and make lots of sounds during this game. Papa has caught on to this one too...
Also, my neck is getting stronger. Look at these pictures of this evening's tummy time.

I'm generally able to hold my head up really well now, and I have a good deal of control so I can move my head where I want it to go, rather than it flopping around like a soggy noodle. I can turn my head directly toward mama when I am hungry. Or if we're going for a walk and the sun is in my eyes, I can simply turn it to the other side.

And finally, notice how pink and rosy my cheeks are. This is because I am so well fed and loved by my mama. I stare and smile at her and talk to her to let her know I love her too!


r. seligman said...

Look at how much you've grown, Anjali! You've come a long way in the past 2 months.

TPS-SheilaP said...

good work, mama and papa! look at this beautiful, strong, healthy, brilliant baby!