Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Today marked Anjali's two month well visit with Dr. Flood. She is 12 lbs 3 oz and doing well. Among other things, she is to keep her hats on, to be examined for ticks if we go to the park, have us prevent sunburning, protect her hearing from loud motorcycle revving (don't even get me started about these people!), let her get some sun exposure for Vit D3, ask sick people not to visit, make sure that all caregivers have short fingernails, and to continue on as we have been doing. Our pediatrician is very thorough.Yay! Oh yes, and she doesn't have thrush and never did.

Also this week, Anjali got to meet mama's office staff at Lewis House. And yesterday, she started to lap her bath water! She got to visit with Rachel S, meet Julie & Irwin, and she says "hi" alot.