Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cuter Everyday

I am thinking right now that Anjali keeps getting cuter everyday. She is getting more and more vocal, and the sounds that come out are the sweetest cooing noises. She is also smiling more and more, and becoming more playful. Mama created a game in which she sits on the bed or sofa with knees bent and sits Anjali on mama's knees. Mama says, "Up," and then slides Anjali down mama's legs and says, "down." Anjali gives a big smile and makes some noises to let mama know she's having fun. The last time mama played this game Anjali started pulling her legs back when "up" on mama's knees. This was a cue that she was ready to slide down. Adorable! And communicative.

She also likes to be held in standing/walking position and push off in a jump. That's why papa sings to her, "You got the froggiest legs...The froggiest legs..."
Papa also likes to "walk" Anjali and sing "Walking on the Moon," to her.

Anjali is also changing so rapidly. She's getting bigger and her features have changed. Her face/head shape has become longer, though she still maintains the cutest pudgy cheeks. Her legs have "fattened" up too. Mama was recalling how stick-like they were in the first weeks (more like Papa's pencil legs!). Now they have filled out a bit.
Even in her wrap, Anjali's legs are not as comfortable inside in froggy-leg style. The stick out of the bottom. Papa found this hilarious and photo worthy:

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TPS-SheilaP said...

wait till she faces out! we went on our neighborhood walk yesterday w uma facing out -- hilarious and so amazing and fun!

sorry we missed the meeting. back to work monday. hope to see this growing girl and her parents soon!