Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travelling Pants

We had a visit to the midwifery office today to see Meredith and Christy for a checkup. We are getting better about getting out the door faster but not without hitches. I don't think that the hitches will ever go away. Right before we are about to head out, Anjali needs to be changed into her traveling clothes or she needs a feeding or she needs to be pottied.. And a bunch of things need to go with her for the journey in the big diaper bag. We are still trying to figure out what needs to go in there and how many. Then there is the stuff we need, the coats, boots, hats, camera, purse, the pre-warming of the car, etc. It's a wonder that we make it anywhere at all! Jeremy and I are very sleep deprived and it is really catching up with us. We were able to take a quick nap today but it wasn't nearly long enough.

Anjali's pilot caps came in today from Hanna Andersson. Dr. Flood, Anjali's pediatrician, recommended that we get these because hats would not stay on her head. 50% of babies' heat escapes from their heads. She looks very cute in hers. Unfortanately, I bought two but they only sent one so I have to get more. Babies drool.

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