Saturday, March 6, 2010

Farmer's Market

Today was Anjali's first ride in her stroller. The stroller is an interesting contraption but we much prefer the wrap. Babywearing is a part of attachment parenting, a gentle approach to parenting that feels natural to us. Being detached from our baby with a stroller was not as nice but since we thought we were going to buy alot of things at the farmer's market in the Piazza at Schmidt's, we thought it would be handy. But babywearing is definitely the way to go. It was a windy but sunny day in Philadelphia and we were able to be out for about half an hour or so. As long as Anjali was moving, she didn't cry. But once the stroller stopped, and it stopped alot, she would cry. She never cries in her wrap. It was also the longest that we had stayed out, being in a place where she couldn't be changed easily or fed and it was too long. But it was nice getting out in the sun, and she met our neighbors Bill and Joan.

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