Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diaper Free Group Meeting

Today, we took Anjali to the Diaper Free (or EC - elimination communication) support group to talk with other parents about issues regarding EC. It was nice to see new friends there with their babies: Darla + Olivia, Chris + Nancy + Luke, and Irina + Clara + Lev. The mothers with more experience had valuable advice to give to us newbies. Overall, we are doing well with it with some great days and some normal days but if we catch here and there, we are doing good. We use the potty sign (ASL) and cue and give her an opportunity at each diapering. Challenges include EC outside the home and at night.

As EC parents, we have to be particular about clothing because we have to be able to EC in a hurry. Clothes that dont work for us include the ubiquitous footie pajamas, pants, tights and onesies that fit over the head. Yesterday, we tried a footie pajama and it lasted all of 5 minutes with papa frustrated. Our organic cotton kimono onesies paired with leg warmers work the best. The infant sacques with the hand covers work the best for night. We just ordered kimono onesies in the next size up from Shea Naturals Baby. Mama is going to cry when Anjali no longer fits in the onesies she wears now as they were selected and purchased with love, thought, and care from Canada (the company no longer carries them).


JeremyD said...

Papa applauds mama for the thought and care she put into selecting the clothes she did for Anjali. Indeed, it only took moments for me to realize that footie PJ's only add another challenge to EC. I love the Kimonos for their practicality...But also because it makes Anjali more of a Kung Fu master...especially when we put her traveling pants on. Yay mama!

JeremyD said...
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