Sunday, March 28, 2010

Development and Sleep

We had our last visit on Thursday  with our midwives Christy and Meredith who did their final check. It was sad to start to make the transition out of their care and into the world-at-large, although we will still see them as friends. They are part of a world which has forever changed us.

Anjali weighed 10 lbs and 11 oz. We are putting her down for a nap after every 90 min of being awake as she needs. This really great book called The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program written by a sleep researcher, Polly Moore, PhD, has really opened our eyes to infant sleep patterns and has helped alleviate much of the fussiness. Babies need to sleep alot, but they get overstimulated and can't get to sleep, so you have to help them. We find that at 90 minutes or right before, she is yawning, being fussy, or goes to sleep on her own. Daytime naps also allow her to sleep much better at night. We are awakening approximately 2-3 times per night for changes and feeding. If she doesn't nap much that day, then she will sleep badly at night and so will we. So it is very important for her development that we treat her nap times as sacred.

We have been following her natural cues to help us play with her. She likes to push with her legs and stand, so we help her do that. She also is more smiley, babbles more, responds well if you potty her after her cues, and looks at pictures in books that we hold in front of her and makes noises. She also has discovered that Fuzzy exists and has smiled at him. She is falling asleep in our arms alot but when you go to put her down, she will wake up. Then you have to pick her up and she falls back asleep. We find that we often have to do this cycle a couple of times before she will actually stay down. She can cry in her sleep but has also put herself back to sleep if we leave her alone. This isn't "crying it out" which we do not condone, but there is a sleep stage called "indeterminate" which looks like she might be awake, but she isn't really. If you make eye contact with her, she wakes up and then it's over. Also, if the crying lasts more than a minute or the crying is truly an awake crying, we pick her up and soothe her immediately. It's an art to know which is which, and we are still learning.


Nancy said...

I caved and bought this book which should be here by Monday. I know what you mean about the pseudo-cry - not quite awake, not quite asleep, but sleep will follow if you wait it out. It's definitely not crying it out, so no need to feel bad, but it's hard to hear nonetheless.

Madhavi said...

Nancy, you won't regret it! It's a really great book. Right now, Luke can sleep about anywhere but that may be about to change. I would also recommend "The Wonder Weeks" book.