Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crashing Out

We all found a moment today to go to Fairmount Park and get a quick walk in. Mama still cant walk far or for very long so the half hour was perfect. What a beautiful day! Then papa had to leave for a gig and mama and baby stayed home. After the usual feeding and pottying, mama and baby crashed out. Mama really crashed out - more than baby, so mama put baby on her chest and slept in the center of the bed so if she fell off, all would be well.

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There were times when Anjali woke up but unable to get off me and unable to cry for someone because I was RIGHT there, her head bobbed for a while and then she fell asleep again. I don't know how many times this happened. I could barely move, I was sooo tired. After 4 hours, we awoke and are waiting for papa to come home so that we can start the bath. We are listening to a mix that I had made to listen to for when I was birthing, but when the time came, I did not want to listen to these upbeat songs. But they are perfect now. Among the songs is 'Crush' by Dave Matthews which is a beautiful love song and so perfect as a song from a mama to dedicate to her baby daughter.

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Nat said...

Hope you've uncrashed by now and are enjoying some of this beautiful weather.