Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

More of Anjali's view:

My parents like to stick this rectangular thing with a glass circle in front of me a lot. They say something about, "capturing the moment..." Sometimes when they do that a quick bright light flashes. It seems like they do it most often when I am doing something like talking or smiling or generally being cute (which they think is all the time). Last night when mama was reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to me, Papa "captured the moment:"

The battle with this yeast business is no fun, especially for me and mama, but mama says she thinks it is starting to get better. They are doing lots of things to help. Lots of pro-biotics for mama and me. Mama is also using grapefruit seed extract, both in liquid concentrate and capsules and Diflucan. There are some other things too, like raw coconut oil, and papa read from the label that it has natural anti-biotic and anti-fungal effects. And of course, there's the gentian violet which is supposed to be some powerful stuff. Mama gives that to me at night by letting me suck some of it from a cotton swab. It really turns my mouth purple. I don't know exactly what it is, but something in there makes me mellow and smiley for a minute or so after I taste it. Check me out: video

Of course, like I said before, mama and papa are doing a lot of laundry. Mama read that it's very important to stop spores (whatever they are) from spreading around. So if any of us bathe we only use a towel once. They also remove and wash any clothes and burp cloths that I may spit up or drool on right away. And handwashing is even more important now. They've also temporarily switched me form cloth to disposable diapers, organic cotton of course for my tender skin. And eventhough they are still able to tell when I let them know I have to pee or poop, I get confused sometimes in these disposables because they are so absorbent.

They also have been trying for 2 or 3 days to vacuum. I saw papa bring up the vacuum from the basement. But I have been keeping them busy and they haven't had time. Rumor has it that Uncle Jesse is in town and may help with that. Either way, I am excited to finally meet him...I wonder if he's bringing the Duke boys...

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