Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Party

Today, we went to a birthday party for Dashiell, our neighbor, who turned three. He is the cutest little boy I've ever seen! There were so many kids there and some of them were fascinated with the tiny Anjali in her carseat.. One two year old boy kept coming back to touch her head because he couldn't believe she was real.   There must of been at least 50 people at the 700 Club and children running around.  It was loud and crazy--perhaps too much stimulation for mama and papa.  But Anjali slept through the whole party - almost two and a half hours. we met some nice people and their children.

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JeremyD said...

And addendum to this post: In hindsight going to this party at such an early stage in Anjali's life was a mistake. Or, at least, it was not in line with our ideas and comfort level in regards to Anjali's developing immune system. On the one hand, Anjali is probably stronger having been exposed to so many people, and especially kids who, let's face it, are a little less conscious of where their hands have been. But these first eight weeks at the least are fragile ones for little Anjali's developing immune system...And like we said before, the best defense and development for her system is via mama. She is giving Anjali immune defense via mama's milk, so if mama is exposed to people or things first, she can pass that immunity to Anjali. I jokingly said after the party that mama would have to have hugged and kissed everyone at the party...A little much, especially considering we knew about 1/16 of the guests.

More than it being overwhelming for Anjali (remember she slept through it all), it was super taxing on mama who was on high alert to the point of stress. It's not so hard to ask an adult to wash hands before touching Anjali, and also more likely an adult won't just walk up and poke around at her. But young fascinated and excitable kiddies are a different story, especially at a party for kids where they rule the land.

Needless to say, it was too early for such an endeavor. Everyone's different, but it's best for parents to stay within their own comfort level, which is best determined by the mom's instinct. But we're glad to know that Dash loves the Play Doh set we got him...