Monday, March 8, 2010

The Best Baby Socks

After struggling with newborn socks for a few weeks, I realized that the 6 pairs that I had bought were not going to do the job. First of all, after a few days, we no longer had 6 pairs. I dont know where the others went. They are so tiny and they kept falling off her feet. We inherited about 3 pairs of Trumpette socks with the Maryjane pattern from Ragini but those don't stay on too well either. So, her papa asked me to buy more socks. Since we were ordering the pilot caps from Hanna Andersson, I decided to order socks from them too. These are the BEST socks! They stay on!! They are made in Denmark (not China!) and aren't flat pieces of curved tubing but are actually the shape of the foot. I love these socks, they never slip off. They are pricier than regular socks but you get your money's worth as you only have to buy a couple.

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