Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anjali's View by Anjali

This week, when my parents were reading to me, I started babbling and moving my arms around animatedly in response. One of the books my mama likes to read to me is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". Yesterday,. I tried to say "Bear" and "Blue". My parents were in disbelief and are half convinced this was a fluke. But isn't language mimicry anyways? Maybe I can do this again to convince them. I like the books. Keep the books coming, folks! I like them, especially the board books. I dont grab or reach for things yet and I dont have a high pitched scream like my friend Uma yet, but I am sure I will get there soon.

I had some interest in Fuzzy for the first time and really looked at him. I am not yet sure what he is or what he does, but he looked back at me. I also have crazy arms and they fly all over the place when I get excited. My parents find this very cute in the daytime, but at night when they want me to sleep, the arms take control. I hit my mama in the face alot and then I hit myself in the face and I cry. My parents have tried to swaddle me but I hate getting in that Miracle blanket. Yes, I really hate it. So, my mama ordered a SwaddleMe sleep blanket that pins my arms down with velcro flaps and they are hoping that it helps me sleep longer. We will see.

My parents have started signing to me using the SigningSmart program. They only use 8 signs right now and will only use those 8 until I can copy them which might be months from now. I tried copying the sign for milk that mama was using. They said it will be easier for me when I can sit up on my own. 

I like snuggling next to my parents when I am in their arms and I like falling asleep there. Unfortunately, my mama and I are trying to recover from an infection and this is very difficult for us both. More gentian violet in my future. Papa and mama are disinfecting everything. They do laundry daily. But I have hope.


r. seligman said...

Hope both you and your Mama feel better soon!

Nancy said...

Luke loves the SwaddleMe, and I feel good about using it since it allows his legs to move and won't impair hip development.

Hope you two are feeling better. Any words of advice to help Luke and I avoid the same fate?

TPS-SheilaP said...

I got a Woombie and haven't stopped using it since. Uma is really filling it out. Actually I got two and the other, for some reason, is a tiny bit larger. I am wondering if I will need to order a larger size or if these will last. I love it because it's easy and I can nurse her and it doesn't come undone or feel bulky. It also let's her move a bit but not so much she wakes up. I don't take her out of it till *after* I nurse her and I am ready to change or potty her. Makes her a nice, neat package to move around. Check it out: http://www.thewoombie.com/

Madhavi said...

Thanks for the recommendations on the swaddles. The swaddleMe hasn't arrived yet but that Woombie bag is really cool. Nancy, we have no idea why the yeast got us so I can't tell you how to prevent it, but unfortunately, it is very common.