Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anjali's View by Anjali

I am currently going through another growth spurt. I'm feeding alot and last night, I slept 7 hours straight, the most I've ever slept in one go. Since I've been staying awake for much longer too, I expect to be entertained. My parents massage me, bicycle my legs, play with me on my play mat, bounce me, tickle me, read to me, hold me, glide with me, and wrap me up and walk me. The night before last, I got overstimulated and stayed up way too late. I had a meltdown and had to be swaddled and shushed to sleep. My papa thanked Dr. Karp, some man who wrote The Happiest Baby on the Block, whoever he is. I don't like to get into my carseat, change clothes, or get out of the bath.

The weather today was beautiful and my mama and  papa put me in the Ergo carrier and we all went to the community garden. They found some pussy willow and we walked around. I think I will be spending some nice times here. My mama also took me on the terrace and I liked having the sun shine on my face. I like this thing called the sun. They didn't have that in the womb where I came from.

My poops have changed too. I no longer go every day and when I do go, I have to really use my muscles. It isn't easy. But I haven't had a messy diaper for weeks. I cry and fuss when I have to pee so my parents are able to take me to the potty for some of them so I've had dry diapers too. Nice!


TPS-SheilaP said...

go mama and papa, catching those pees and poops! yay community garden! blessings, sun! hooray family!

Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty, what a gorgeous family you are and what a spectacular spring day! Finally!
You are a super hero mama Madhavi- did it all and looks amazing! Love.Y