Friday, March 5, 2010

Amy's Visit

My doula Amy came by to visit and to pick up some binders. I enjoyed talking about the birth, the labor and anything that came to mind. It was nice to talk about it again as it was a very emotional and powerful day as was the healing process and the process of being a new mama. Talking about it with Amy gave me closure as she was there and she knows what it all means in the grand scheme of things. She also gave me the behind -the- scenes lowdown on that day. {Psst, MK, I know about that red bowl!). Amy is a happy soul with a calm presence, three children, and the steadiest pair of brown eyes that you could ever look into and feel a sense of peace. I will miss seeing you! Anjali spent the entire visit asleep in her wrap on her mama.


Currently, we have a goth baby. We noticed that Anjali's tongue was whiter than normal and her mama was feeling some discomfort when feeding, so we decided to follow Dr. Jack Newman's advice and treat thrush whether or not it is really there. This means gentian violet applications for 4 days with 2 days down already. As a result though, Anjali has dark purple lips. On the bright side, at least teenage years of punk hair and piercing won't faze us too much now.

EC has taken on a different course now. Anjali really strains and cries when doing EC that does relieve when she goes. Before, when she would cry, we would take her off the potty and put her diaper back on. Now, however, it may mean that she is straining or that she wants out and it is hard to know which one as the crying sounds the same. Sometimes, her legs will twitch when she is straining, sometimes not. The lammy cries have become stronger. The crying could mean that she just wants to snuggle next to her mama or papa. Or that she doesn't like her hiccups, or there is a big burp on the way. Her mama now has to burp her when she feeds in the prefered hold that Dr. Justin Ohm showed us. Wrapping her and moving around is also helpful when she cries once we have gone through the basic needs - but that often means that her papa is up doing that in the wee hours of the night or her mama in the day. Her papa takes the night hours so her mama can get some sleep earlier in the night. Then once the feeding starts, her papa can get some sleep and her mama stays up through the feedings. Last night, we had a 4 and 1/2 hour run between feedings. Yay! Dr. Ohm told me to drink Chamomile tea before bed in an effort to calm her and allow her to sleep more. We may try to go to sleep in the early evening when she usually sleeps to see if that helps. We are hoping this gets better as she gets bigger.

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Amy Mae said...

It was great to see you, too! I'll see you again :) Call or email any time!