Sunday, February 7, 2010

You're almost here...

Hi Bun (very soon to be truly named!),

There are about two feet of snow on the ground and it's about 5:30 AM. Your mama woke me about an hour ago and it may be a matter of hours until you are born. We are both so excited for your arrival (although you are already here of course, just still inside mama's tummy).

I wonder so many things about what you'll be like and look like. Are you a boy or girl? Will you have your papa's eyes or your mama's eyes? Will you come out with a full head of hair as your mama did when she was born or bald as your papa did (and is working his way toward daily)? What will your laughter sound like? What will your smile look like? What music will you like? What stories? What kind of foods?

Of course it will be a while until we know some of those things, but know that your mama and papa will savor every moment with you. We love you and will surround you with love...You'll also be surrounded by lots of music...and warmth...and smiles...From your mama and papa and your family and friends who are all so excited to meet you.

For now, we'll hope we can clear enough space in this snow to park the midwives' and doula's cars when they arrive to help welcome you into the world!


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