Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wearing the Baby

We got our EasyCare wrap a few days ago from Piece of Cloth.  The company specializes in wraps that you learn to tie in different variations so that you can carry your baby from age newborn to toddler age. Baby wearing is very important for the development and bonding of the child.(Interruption..)

And we're back: Interruptions always seem to take place after I type in one or two sentences of a post.

Anyways, the Easycare wrap we purchased is made in Austria and Jeremy and I learned the Front Wrap Cross Carry that we were using yesterday and this morning. We love it! Anjali rests peacefully as long as you are moving around and the fabric weave is beautiful, soft, and grippy.  I love the sophisticated colors. We also ordered a Girasol in the colorway of blues and greens called Blue Lagoon. Girasol is a German company (baby wearing is very popular in Europe) but the wrap is woven in Guatemala. Unfortunately, the wintry weather patterns of the world have delayed the arrival of that wrap. I think Jeremy will end up wearing that one more, but we'll see. Wearing her allows us to get into the kitchen, do some stuff around the house, and rock her to sleep all at the same time. Veteran mamas even breastfeed in the wrap but that is a technique I am aspiring to. However, as soon as I hold still, to get on the computer for example, she wakes up and has needs that must be attended to.


Nat said...

I wish they had wraps like that when Jeremy and Jesse were babies. You can't believe how prehistoric we were back in the day. The wrap I had was so complicated you needed an engineering degree to figure it out.

r. seligman said...

Looking good! The colors in this wrap are beautiful. Please post pictures of the other one once it arrives.

Nancy and Christopher said...

You look great! I love your wrap. We have two baby-wearing items right now as we wait for our baby to arrive... a home-made Moby wrap and a batik sling. Obviously I am not sure how each of these will work, but I agree with your sentiments about baby-wearing. Very good for parents and baby. Little Anjali looks very content next to her mama. Just a little head peeking out for now! Give it a few months and she'll be watching you as you move about, learning all new things about her world.

Anonymous said...

You both "girls"-mama and little princess are absolutely gorgeous! This wrap is beautiful.All wraps are great! Babies love to be carried around,bond and explore world safely with you and it gives you a lot of freedom to move and do other stuff.We used to have "baby bjorn" and traveled a lot with it, to the point we even forgot stroller to one of our trips. I didn't matter- carrying was much easier.Older babies enjoy "facing out" to the world! Love Y